The Impact of Tourism on the Economy of Vietnam

The Impact of Tourism on the Economy of Vietnam - boats with tourists

Vietnam has emerged as a thriving tourist destination in recent years, a bustling country known for its breathtaking landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and warm hospitality. With each passing year, the number of visitors flocking to this Southeast Asian gem continues to rise, contributing significantly to the country’s economic prosperity. In fact, tourism has become a … Read more

Top 100 Useful Vietnamese Words To Know Before Coming to Vietnam

100 useful Vietnamese words - lady seller

In this glossary, you will find a comprehensive collection of essential and useful Vietnamese words that will greatly assist you in your journey through Vietnam. Whether you are planning to travel, live, or simply engage with the vibrant culture and people of Vietnam, having a basic understanding of these words will enhance your experience and … Read more

Top 25 Traditional Vietnamese Games You Need To See in Vietnam

Traditional Vietnamese Games - Street seller

Immerse yourself in the rich heritage of Vietnam through a captivating exploration of traditional games. From Đánh bài to Bắn cá, uncover the excitement and cultural significance of these time-honoured pastimes. Join us as we delve into the locations, rules, and captivating stories behind each game, offering a unique glimpse into Vietnamese traditions. Whether you’re … Read more

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