Explore the Finest Coffee Shops in Hanoi – A Must-Visit Guide 

Welcome to Hanoi, a city well-known for its rich coffee culture, exquisite cafes, and charming ambience. Whether you’re a coffee lover or just seeking a cosy spot to relax, Hanoi offers a diverse range of coffee shops that cater to every taste. 

From traditional Vietnamese style to Western-inspired cafes, Hanoi’s coffee scene has something for everyone. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to decide where to go. But with our guide, you can explore Hanoi’s must-visit coffee shops and experience the city’s unique coffee culture. 

Discover Hanoi’s Vibrant Coffee Scene 

If you’re a coffee lover, Hanoi is the place to be. The city is renowned for its vibrant coffee scene, which has thrived for decades. Locals and tourists alike flock to the coffee shops to enjoy a cup of joe and soak up the unique ambience that each has to offer. 

With coffee shops on practically every street corner, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to picking a favourite spot. However, there are a few that are unmissable and considered the top coffee shops in Hanoi. 

Coffee Shop Location Atmosphere Cosy and nostalgic 
Giang Cafe 39 Nguyen Huu Huan, Hoan Kiem Cozy and nostalgic Egg coffee 
Cong Caphe Multiple locations Rustic and vintage Coconut coffee 
Cafe Dinh 13 Dinh Tien Hoang, Hoan Kiem Old-school vibe Phin coffee 

Giang Cafe is a must-visit for its legendary egg coffee, made with whipped egg yolk, condensed milk, and robusta coffee. Cong Caphe is known for its unique blend of coconut milk and coffee, while Cafe Dinh serves up top-notch phin coffee in an old-school setting. 

But these are just a few of the many coffee shops that make up the vibrant scene in Hanoi. From trendy modern cafes to hidden gems tucked away in the alleyways, there’s something for every coffee lover to discover. 

Must-Try Coffee Shops in Hanoi

When it comes to coffee shops in Hanoi, the options are endless. Whether you’re in the mood for an artisanal roast or a traditional Vietnamese-style brew, these must-visit coffee shops have something for every coffee lover.

Coffee ShopEgg coffee (ca phe trung), traditional ambienceLocation
Cong CapheEgg coffee (ca phe trung), unique atmosphereMultiple locations throughout Hanoi
Giang CafeSelection of books, cosy and quiet atmosphere39 Nguyen Huu Huan, Hoan Kiem
Tranquil Books & CoffeeSelection of books, cozy and quiet atmosphere5 Nguyen Quang Bich, Hoan Kiem
The Note CoffeeUnique decor, variety of coffee drinks and desserts64 Luong Van Can, Hoan Kiem
Cafe Pho CoTraditional Vietnamese-style coffee, stunning view11 Hang Gai, Hoan Kiem

Cong Caphe is a popular chain that features a unique blend of rustic decor and modern flair. Be sure to try their signature egg coffee, a delightfully creamy and sweet treat.

Giang Cafe is a Hanoi institution, serving up its famous egg coffee for over 70 years. The cosy ambience and traditional decor will transport you back in time.

If you’re looking for a quiet spot to read or work, Tranquil Books & Coffee is the perfect place. With a vast selection of books and a peaceful atmosphere, it’s a welcome reprieve from the bustling city.

The Note Coffee is a quirky and colourful coffee shop that offers a variety of coffee drinks and desserts. The walls are covered in colourful sticky notes, creating a playful and inviting environment.

Located in an old Vietnamese house, Cafe Pho Co offers a stunning view of Hoan Kiem Lake and a peaceful oasis away from the busy streets. Their traditional Vietnamese-style coffee is a must-try.

These coffee shops are just a small selection of the many amazing options available in Hanoi. Don’t be afraid to explore and discover new favourites!

Experience Hanoi’s Coffee Culture

For many Vietnamese, coffee is more than just a drink – it’s a way of life. In Hanoi, coffee shops are everywhere, offering a variety of brews and unique experiences. It’s not uncommon to see locals spending hours at a coffee shop, sipping slowly while chatting with friends or catching up on work. 

The coffee culture here is steeped in tradition, from the way the coffee is brewed to how it’s served. One popular method is the phin filter, a small metal device that sits atop a cup and slowly drips coffee through a filter. This process can take several minutes, but the resulting coffee is strong, flavorful, and perfect for savouring slowly. 

Hanoi’s coffee culture also has a strong social aspect. Many coffee shops are designed to be inviting and cosy, with comfortable seating and unique decor. It’s not uncommon to strike up a conversation with a stranger over a cup of coffee, especially in one of the many street-side cafes that dot the city.

The Role of Coffee in Vietnamese Daily Life

Coffee in Vietnam is much more than just a morning pick-me-up. It’s a way to connect with friends, relax after a long day, and even work through business deals. In fact, coffee is often part of business meetings and negotiations – it’s seen as a way to break down barriers and get to know someone on a more personal level. 

For many Vietnamese, coffee is a social experience. It’s common to see groups of friends gathered around a table or sitting on small plastic stools outside a coffee shop, chatting and laughing over several cups of coffee. This social aspect of coffee is one reason why it’s so popular in Hanoi and throughout Vietnam.

The Significance of Coffee Shops in Hanoi

Coffee shops play an important role in Hanoi’s social and cultural life. They serve as meeting places for friends, colleagues, and even strangers, offering a welcoming atmosphere and a chance to connect with others. Many coffee shops also showcase local art, music, and culture, making them a hub for creativity and expression.

Whether you’re a coffee lover or simply looking to experience a unique aspect of Hanoi’s culture, exploring the city’s coffee shops is a must. From traditional phin-filtered brews to trendy pour-overs and artisanal roasts, there’s something for everyone. So grab a cup of coffee and settle in – you’re about to experience one of the most unique and vibrant coffee cultures in the world.

Hanoi’s Coffee Roasters: A Glimpse into Artisanal Coffee

Hanoi’s coffee scene is not only known for its traditional brewing methods but also for its emerging speciality coffee shops and roasters. These artisanal roasters are dedicated to providing unique and high-quality coffee blends, sourced from the best coffee farms around the world.

“Our goal is to bring new and exciting coffee flavours to Hanoi while educating people about speciality coffee,” says Linh Tran, the owner of Cong Caphe Roastery, one of Hanoi’s top coffee roasters.

Coffee RoasterLocationSpecialty
Cong Caphe Roastery17 Nguyen Quang Bich, Hoan KiemTraditional Vietnamese coffee with a modern twist
Hanoia House Coffee38 Nguyen Huu Huan, Hoan KiemUniquely flavored coffee blends sourced from local Vietnamese coffee farms

“Our coffee blends are a reflection of our passion for coffee and the local Vietnamese coffee culture,” says Hoang Trong Thang, the owner of Hanoia House Coffee.

Other notable coffee roasters in Hanoi include The Coffee House Roastery and Trung Nguyen Coffee Roastery, both of which offer a variety of single-origin and blended coffee beans.

Visiting these artisanal coffee roasters in Hanoi is a must-try experience for all coffee lovers. Not only will you enjoy a unique and flavorful cup of coffee, but you’ll also gain insight into the passion and dedication these roasters have for their craft.

Immerse Yourself in Hanoi’s Café Culture

One of the most beloved aspects of Hanoi’s coffee scene is the city’s vibrant café culture. Whether you’re looking for a cosy spot to work or a social gathering place to meet with friends, Hanoi’s coffee shops have something to offer for everyone. 

The atmosphere of Hanoi’s coffee shops is as diverse as the city itself, with cosy nooks, hipster hangouts, and minimalist spaces all represented. Cafés in Hanoi are often decorated with a mix of vintage and contemporary elements, creating a unique aesthetic that is both charming and eclectic. 

But it’s not just the décor that makes Hanoi’s coffee shops special; there’s an undeniable sense of community and connection in these spaces. From the friendly staff to the regular customers, coffee shops in Hanoi foster a welcoming and inclusive environment that encourages interaction and conversation. 

The Role of Coffee Shops in Hanoi

Coffee shops in Hanoi are more than just places to grab a caffeine fix—they are integral parts of the city’s social fabric. They serve as gathering spots for friends, colleagues, and even strangers to come together and connect over a shared love of coffee. 

Many coffee shops in Hanoi also host events and activities, such as live music performances, book clubs, and language exchanges, further reinforcing their role as community hubs. 

Hanoi’s Coffee Shop Etiquette

When visiting a coffee shop in Hanoi, there are a few etiquette rules to keep in mind. The first is to always greet the staff upon entering; a simple “xin chào” (hello) or “chào bạn” (hello friend) goes a long way in establishing a friendly atmosphere. 

It’s also important to take your time when enjoying your coffee. Unlike in some Western cultures where coffee is often consumed on the go, in Hanoi, coffee is meant to be savoured and enjoyed in a leisurely manner. Take a seat, enjoy the ambience, and relish the moment. 

Finally, don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation with fellow coffee drinkers. Hanoi’s coffee shops are known for their friendly and welcoming atmosphere, so don’t hesitate to connect with others over a shared love of coffee. 

Hanoi’s Hidden Coffee Gems

While Hanoi has a wide array of popular coffee shops, there are also many hidden gems waiting to be discovered. These lesser-known establishments offer unique and authentic experiences for coffee lovers.

Tranquil Books & Coffee is one such hidden gem. This cosy spot, tucked away down a narrow alley, is perfect for those seeking a quiet escape. The café features a small library of books, perfect for browsing while sipping on their delicious ca phe sua da.

Café NameSpecialtyLocation
Tranquil Books & CoffeeCa phe sua da7 Nguyen Van Huyen

Cong Caphe is another hidden treasure, with several locations throughout the city. Each location has its own unique decor, but all feature a rustic and cosy atmosphere. There ca phe trung (egg coffee) is a must-try, made with whipped egg yolk and condensed milk for a rich and creamy taste.

Café NameSpecialtyLocation
Cong CapheCa phe trungMultiple locations

If you’re looking for a unique experience, head to Maison de Tet Décor. This café is also a furniture and decoration store, offering beautiful pieces for sale alongside their delicious coffee and scrumptious pastries.

Café NameSpecialtyLocation
Maison de Tet DécorCoffee and pastries36 To Ngoc Van

Don’t be afraid to venture off the beaten path and discover these hidden coffee gems in Hanoi. They offer a more intimate and authentic experience than some of the more well-known coffee shops and are sure to leave a lasting impression.

Coffee Brewing Techniques in Hanoi

Coffee brewing is taken seriously in Hanoi, and you’ll find a range of traditional and contemporary methods used to make the perfect cup.

One popular method is the traditional Vietnamese phin filter, a small metal device placed on top of a cup. Hot water is then poured into the phin, slowly letting the coffee grounds drip through. This method produces a bold and flavorful coffee with a rich aroma.

Another popular technique is the pour-over method, which involves slowly pouring hot water over coffee grounds in a filter placed in a dripper. This method produces a lighter, cleaner taste that highlights the coffee’s delicate flavours.

If you’re looking for something a little different, try egg coffee (ca phe trung), a unique speciality of Hanoi. This drink is made by whipping egg yolks, condensed milk, sugar, and coffee together until it creates a frothy and creamy texture. It’s like drinking a rich and decadent dessert in a cup.

Savour Delicious Vietnamese Coffee Specialties

One of the best ways to experience the unique coffee culture of Hanoi is to try its local specialities. Vietnamese coffee is known for its rich and bold flavour, and there are several must-try coffee drinks that every coffee lover should experience.

1. Ca Phe Sua Da (Iced Coffee with Condensed Milk)

Ca Phe Sua Da is a refreshing and creamy iced coffee made with condensed milk. Typically served over ice, this sweet and creamy drink is perfect for cooling off during Hanoi’s hot and humid summers. 

2. Ca Phe Trung (Egg Coffee)

Ca Phe Trung is a unique Hanoi speciality made with egg yolks, sugar, and coffee. The egg yolks are whipped together with sugar until they form a foamy, meringue-like consistency, which is then poured over hot coffee. The result is a rich and creamy concoction that’s almost like a dessert in a cup.

Both of these drinks are widely available at coffee shops throughout Hanoi, but some coffee shops are known for making the best Ca Phe Sua Da or Ca Phe Trung in the city.

Frequently Asked Questions About Coffee Shops in Hanoi

Planning a visit to Hanoi and curious about the coffee scene? Here are some frequently asked questions to help you navigate the coffee culture in this vibrant city.

1. What is the average price of coffee in Hanoi?

The cost of coffee in Hanoi varies depending on the type of coffee and the coffee shop. On average, a cup of traditional Vietnamese iced coffee (ca phe sua da) can range from 15,000 VND to 30,000 VND (around $0.65 to $1.30 USD). Specialty coffee and Western-style beverages may cost more, typically ranging from 40,000 VND to 80,000 VND (around $1.75 to $3.50 USD).

2. Are coffee shops in Hanoi generally equipped with Wi-Fi?

Yes, most coffee shops in Hanoi offer free Wi-Fi for customers. However, the connection speed may vary and some shops may require a password to access the Wi-Fi.

3. Are there non-coffee options available at coffee shops in Hanoi?

Yes, many coffee shops in Hanoi offer non-coffee options such as tea, smoothies, juices, and pastries. Some shops may also have food menus with breakfast, lunch, or dinner options.

4. Can I pay with a credit card at coffee shops in Hanoi?

While some coffee shops in Hanoi accept credit card payments, it is always recommended to carry cash for smaller transactions. Many local coffee shops may not have credit card machines or may charge an additional fee for credit card transactions.

5. Are the coffee shops in Hanoi open late?

Yes, many coffee shops in Hanoi stay open late, some even until midnight or later. However, it is always best to check the operating hours of the particular coffee shop you plan to visit, as some may close earlier on certain days or holidays.

With these frequently asked questions in mind, you can now confidently explore the coffee culture in Hanoi and enjoy a cup of delicious Vietnamese coffee in one of the city’s charming coffee shops.

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